Using deposit bonuses

Winning online slot jackpots.

Now first thing’s first, read this once, read it again and then read it once more, as it’s very important. THERE IS NO WAY TO GUARANTEE WINNING PLAYING ONLINE SLOTS.

It’s a bit of a cliche, but the old adage is true – Vegas was not built on the punters’ wins! The chance is that if you play slots online, over the years you will be a net loser. Now for some of us that truly love playing slots online, that’s no reason not to play online slots. But this is only as long as we treat it like any other hobby to which we’ll probably end up losing money in the long term.

The above is why I ONLY PLAY SLOTS WITH HUGE JACKPOTS. For me playing to win £500 or £1000 is a bad idea because I know it will not put me in profit. So for that reason, I play only slots with a jackpot of over £1,000,000. Now of course this doesn’t mean I think it actually represents better value, nor that I think I have a serious chance of winning. It just means that if I’m going to play I at least want the dream of potentially winning a life changing amount of money.

For this reason, if you take a look at my homepage you can see front and centre are the slot machines with big jackpots.  For me, this is what it’s all about.

Bonuses as help in chasing slot jackpots

You must be sure to take advantage of the kind of bonuses we list on our homepage if you want maximum value in chasing slot jackpots. Now it should be noted that online casinos were not built by idiots and the vast majority have very difficult turnover requirements if you’re to win, but you should not really care if you you’re only interested in hitting a jackpot and this is why:

The reason the casinos have wagering requirements is not to stop people like me hitting a jackpot, but rather to prevent people depositing and using systems to make a minor profit. In other words if you’re trying to deposit £100 and get a £100 bonus in order to play a game with a 98% return, you’d be able (with a low wagering requirement) to basically guarantee yourself a profit. Nowadays doing this is almost impossible because you usually have to turn the money over at east 30x in order to withdraw your money.

But like I said, for JACKPOT CHASERS like me, this isn’t an issue. I just want to get AS MANY SPINS as possible in order to try and hit something special. The turnover requirement would be totally irrelevant if you hit a huge payout.