Free Bad Beat Slot Bonus!

Bad Beat Slot of the Week – Cleopatra Scatter Bonus at CASUMO – GET 200 FREE SPINS HERE

Current leader: 17.25x by James Cohen

Prize Fund – £250 and counting! (Competition details below)

Finally a new concept in online slot play – A payout for the WORST bonus!

That’s right, every month we’re paying out cash prizes to members that submit us their very worst bonuses! There are loads of websites to view the very best bonuses but why do big inner need even more prizes?!

How does it work?

It’s super simple! If you finish the month with the lowest payout (as a multiple of bet) from the bonus game of the week, then you win the payout. This month that game is CASUMO – GET 200 FREE SPINS HERE

How to I submit my entry?

Simply email us at with your screenshot. To be eligible the screen shot must clearly show that the game is being played using real play mode, that the casino is Casumo, and the date. The best way to show the date is to Google ‘today’s date’ and include it in the screen shot. Any entry that does not show the date and make it clear that it’s being played on Casumo will not be valid. The screen shot must also show it’s been won on the bonus game (scatter symbols visible).